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"Learning useful skills to prevent depression occurring again."

Employee counselling

Why offer employee counselling?

Under Employment Law, employers have a Duty of Care to employees. Your workers are your most valuable asset so it makes good business sense to look after them, especially now that times are hard. Providing counselling is one of the ways you can do this.

  • "Every month of work absence equates to a cost sufficient on average to fund 25 sessions of therapy." (National Institute of Clinical Excellence).
  • "Stressed workers are costing British industry more than £3 billion a year." (The Mental Health Foundation).
  • "Counselling interventions have, in the majority of studies that examined this factor, reduced sickness absence rates in clients by up to 60%." (John McLeod, Professor of Counselling at the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland).

Aquilis services to organisations

We are experienced in work-place counselling, and already work with some small, medium and large local employers in addition to the NHS. Counselling intervention can be used by managers as part of a larger plan to cut absence rates. In our experience, early intervention can frequently prevent staff going off sick. Employees trust our confidentiality as we are independent. Our feedback shows that 97% of staff who did not take time off said that counselling prevented them from going off sick. Whether you are a large company with HR and an Occupational Health Department or an SME with just a couple of staff, you can cut your absenteeism by calling us.

We are happy to invoice employers by arrangement. We normally agree an initial number of sessions with employers before starting (usually between 6 and 12).

Help covering costs

There may be other ways to cover some or all of the costs:
  • Private Health Care Insurance will sometimes cover the costs of counselling.
  • Business insurance may also support counselling or pay for trauma resolution following incidents at work.
  • For shops, the Retail Trust provide some grants. You can contact the Retail Trust on 0208-358-7268, or via


"Counselling helped me recover quickly and to carry on working as well as deal with a catastrophe in my personal life."

"It was a life-line at a very difficult time and I feel I would possibly have been off work without the support."

"Without counselling I would have found it virtually impossible to manage to do my job properly and my personal situation may have become even worse."